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Another group showed support for Richard Stallman in March 2021 by writing a support letter that was signed by 6,876 people. The repository has now been archived and signatures are no longer being accepted. Thank you everyone for your efforts and encouragement.

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Say It With a Meme!


As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, these do contain some words, seems we are not skilled enough. If you have a nice one, Send it to us, we may be able to publish it here. In any case, sometimes 1,000 words are necessary.

Stallman about Epstein: calling him a “sex offender” tends to minimize his crimes.
          I think the right term for a person such as Epstein is “serial rapist”. Epstein about his crimes: I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an
          “offender.” It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel.

Stallman may have a point that words matter #words

A collage showing several of the false headlines and accusations.

Defamation #defamation

In a medieval setting, Richard Stallman is held in chains by two men, against a wall. In front of him, a man is sentencing him to be stoned. Behind the man, a group of people are waiting with stones in their hands.

Back to the Middle Ages #cancel-culture

These guys were Epstein's friends:Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Bill Gates,
          Rafael Reif, Prof. Lawrence Krauss, Prof. Alan Dershowitz... All of them still in their positions, undisturbed. This guy never met Epstein, called him a serial rapist: Richard Stallman, got canceled.

Paradox #paradox

The master of a re-education camp is yelling the multiplication tables at Richard Stallman, who has more complex mathematical formulas in his mind. The caption says: Inquisitive minds not allowed.

Scientific thinking not allowed #inquisitive

A sing on a door says: Richard Stallman Knightfor Justice. Also, Hot LAdies. Caption: Stallman never wrote this. It was vandalism... or a joke?

The horrifying sign on the door #door

A picture of a mattress that says: Of the 1001 uses for a mattress, some people can think of just one... and it's not sleeping.

The single purpose of a mattress #mattress

A drawing of a mouse embracing its child, with the image of Stallman's pleasure card attached. A caption says: The harassment of tender embraces.

The danger of a pleasure card #card